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Gordon Ramsay version

There is no doubt that the iPhone and iPod have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people ever since they first arrived in the UK.

As the popularity of smartphone applications continues to accelerate, it is becoming increasingly important for all brands, including celebrities, to be represented.

And some of the big names in showbiz have taken advantage of this including Samuel L Jackson, Lady Gaga and even ‘Deal or No Deal’s’ Noel Edmonds, by launching their very own iPod applications.

But which celebrities would you want to download an application for?

That was the question which shopping website asked to 3,000 shoppers all over the UK - who found out that their favourite celebs didn’t actually have an application listed in their honour.

The Daily Dust can now reveal the Top Ten most wanted celebrity ipod apps from the survey, which was conducted last month.

 10. Kate Moss

kate_moss version

The UK model just got inside the top ten on the chart. So what would be featured in a Kate Moss iPod application? Propably the top places to party in a city as well the top fashion hang outs in each city.

9. Victoria Beckham

victoria-beckham version

Posh Spice comes in at number 9. A Victoria Beckham application could be used for top fashion advice, tips on how to keep slim and maintain a gorgeous body – and possibly also a Spice Girls karaoke option!

8. David Beckham

david_beckham version

Following Victoria is her husband David Beckham – you just might of heard of this man before? A David Beckham application could have a fun free-kick game where you have to curl the ball into the back of the net. Also video clips of his personal top ten goals? Or how about advice on lifestyle, fashion and health tips for the blokes?  

7.  Amy Winehouse

amy winehouse version

Singer Amy Winehouse is in demand to do her own app. In typical Winehouse style ideas for this app could range from a bar crawl game (as we know she likes the odd drink or two). Or as surveyed, an alcohol units calendar – to know exactly what is in your favourite drinks.

How about a game called ‘You Tried To Get Me Into Rehab – Nooo Nooo’, where you play as Amy in a town trying to escape from police, who are keen to get you into rehab?

6. Simon Cowell

simon_cowell version

The X Factor judge and producer comes in at number 6. Ideas for a Simon Cowell app include financial advice, how to make a lot of money, plus teaching you how to sing or what makes a winner on Britain’s Got Talent! 

5. Cheryl Cole

cheryl_cole version

Fellow judge and sexy Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole has sneaked into the top five according to the UK shoppers surveyed. How about getting life and relationship advice – tip of the day type of thing from Cheryl. Also some special Girls Aloud behind the scenes footage maybe? Plus an exclusive diary telling you what Cheryl has been doing day by day?

4. Russell Brand

russell-brand version

Controversial comedian Russell Brand is in huge demand to get an application sorted out. It would have to be his best jokes list, or his wacky opinions on life and current affairs etc. Prank ideas from the long-haired funnyman!

3. Donald Trump

donald-trump-1 version

Quite a surprising one given the fact he is not from the UK. But American wealthy businessman Donald Trump makes the top three. Tips and advice on how to be successful in the business world, best ways to run a company and how to make your first million – probably suited for potential future entrepreneurs of this world.

 2. Michael McIntyre

michael-mcintyre version

Two years ago nobody had heard of him, now he is the second most demanded celebrity to create an app. 35 per cent of the total people surveyed wanted Michael McIntyre to launch an application. The app would possibly include many of his best jokes on demand.

 1. Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay version

But the winner is Scotland’s foul-mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay - gaining 38 per cent of the total votes counted. Ideas for his application will be recipe and nutritional advice on demand – including ‘how to cook’ tutorial videos. A list of his recommended restaurants in your hometown and some of his best clips on his shows including ‘The F Word’ and ‘Kitchen Nightmares’!

Get working Gordon, you are in demand my friend! It could make you even more cash!

At the other end of the scale, celebrities finishing at the bottom of the table included Susan Boyle, Madonna and Katie Price! Their agents best not bother with the idea then!

Which celebrity application would you like to use on a daily basis? Please send us your ideas and comments.


  1. Check out all of these celebs and which have been hanging out near you on the new celebaround iphone app!

  2. a couple of people asked for more info – here’s the video describing it:

  3. I think, Kermit from Sesame Street deserves one app. iFrog. Similar to iFart, but well, not a fart but a croak. Could lead into disturbing moments *lo*

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