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Tonight sees popular British soap opera ‘EastEnders’ celebrate it’s 25th birthday!

And what a way to mark the occasion as tonight’s episode will be performed exclusively LIVE by the cast and will reveal Archie Mitchell’s killer.

It’s bound to be a great night’s viewing and plenty of twists and turns will be evident throughout but who did actually kill Archie?

It will be the first time ever, that the soap has broiadcasted a live episode and reports suggest there are a few concerns for the makers of the programme regarding the weather and an illness to the brilliant actress Lacey Turner, who plays Stacey Slater.

Will she make it? You will have to tune in to find out! There is no doubt another exciting and memorable cliffhanger is on the cards.

To mark 25 years of the soap, we here at the Daily Dust have produced a top ten list of our favourite and most dramatic moments from EastEnders.

There has been so many that it was hard to choose just ten but we hope you agree with our selection. If you don’t then please feel free to make a comment and say what you feel should be in the list!    

10. Kat Slater reveals she is Zoe’s mother (2001)

Kat gets angry after Zoe reveals she is set to leave Walford for a new life Uncle Harry (not knowing he is her dad). Kat can’t believe she is leaving and tells her not to. Zoe then yells outside the Vic: “Well you ain’t my mother” for which Kat yells out “Yes I am” – great stuff!


 9. Dirty Den’s Divorce Papers surprise (1986)

The evil and twisted Dirty Den is at his cunning best on Christmas Day in 1986 when he gives the lying and boozing Angie a Christmas to remember by giving her the divorce papers to finish off their marriage! The episode was watched by more than 30 millions viewers.

dirty den surprise version

8. The end for Steve Owen (2002)

While on a bitter fued withPhil Mitchell, nightclub owner Steve (played by Martin Kemp), life soon ended in a high speed car chase with the two after Phil’s daughter Louisa was inside Steve’s car. Phil shot the tyre of Steve’s car and as a result crashed into a wall with a petrol barrier causing the car to explode up in flames. Phil rushed to grab Louisa out of the car but the flames were too intense to rescue Steve – therefore resulting in his death.

7. Arthur loses it! (1986)

On the same episode as Dirty Den’s Christmas day surprise, Arthur Fowler has a breakdown and smashes up his front room after getting caught stealing the Christmas Club money, which was to raise funds for his daughter Michelle’s wedding!

6. Max and Stacey’s Affair Exposed on Christmas Day (2007)

Stacey’s lusty affair with her husband’s (Bradley) father Max was revealed just over two years ago in another fantastic Christmas Day episode. While the family all sit together opening their presents, they play the DVD of Bradley and Stacey’s wedding where it shows Max snogging the bride! This leads up to the marriages of Bradley and Stacey and Max and Tanya breaking up. 

5. Dirty Den Murdered (2005)

After coming back from the dead in 2003, Dirty Den is killed for good by his girlfriend Chrissie, Sam Mitchell and Zoe Slater.

dirty den murdered version

4. Phil and Grant Drive into River Thames (2002)

The brothers are at it again when Phil finds out that Grant had slept with his wife Kathy. Phil with a gun threatens to kill Grant but when the Police come the pair leg it and steal a car. The brothers continue their row in the car when passenger Phil decides to shoot the steering wheel of the car. With Grant having no control of the car the pair can do nothing as the car in high speed drives into the River Thames! 

3. Sharongate – The tape episode (1994)

This is take one of the Phil and Grant Mitchell feud. Grant is forced into tears when he hears a tape confession from Sharon that she slept with his brother Phil. But Grant’s tears are turned to anger when he arrives in the Vic to stop a party and play the tape in front of Sharon and Phil and everyone else. Grant’s face is a picture while the tape is playing!

2. Frank Butcher runs over Tiffany Mitchell (2000)

The beautiful Tiffany is sensationally killed in a dramatic storyline to mark the new millennium. Tiffany is set to leave the square for good with daughter Courtney but Grant has other ideas and takes Courtney away from her mother. Tiffany runs and follows Grant outside the Vic to get her daughter her back but then  Tiffany gets hit by an oncoming car while crossing the road, causing her death – the driver? Frank Butcher! 

 1. Who shoots Phil Mitchell? (2001)

The ‘whodunnit’ on who shot Phil Mitchell was arguably one of the best storyline since the soap first broadcast back in 1985. In a gripping and exciting story – Phil gets shot outside his home. Five suspects are thrown into questioning but surprisingly it is his girlfriend Lisa who reveals to Phil that she was the one who pulled the rigger at him.

What do you think of our selection? Any other moments you feel should have been in there? Please send us your comments.


  1. Gotta love all these moments in tv history. i remember being so glued to these episopdes

  2. tyler moons fight


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