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Is it time to look back at the life of the Happy Meal toy?

With news that Santa Clara County in the US are set to ban the toy inside a McDonalds Happy Meal as it encourages poor dietary habits, we look back at five memorable Happy Meal moments from the Golden Arches.


5. Ronald McDonald Sunglasses

Just… wrong…


4. Hello Kitty Toaster

Already an infinitely expanding collectible market, Hello Kitty drove fans into a purring frenzy with her appearance in 2005 for her 30th anniversary. Who wouldn’t love getting a toaster in with your dinner?


3. Sonic the Hedgehog Extreme Boarding

A computer game with your dinner! Kids love that, even if it has only two buttons and it’s yet another dodge the enemy in three lines type of game.


2. Ty Beanie Babies

They shifted over 100 million happy meals, tied in with the biggest craze for tiny stuffed toys, and were as disposable and memorable as the meals. A perfect fit in other words.



1 Disney’s Robin Hood and Little John in 100 Years of Disney

Disney and McDonalds have always been close, and with their “100 years of Disney” campaign in December 2001, they set about providing the Golden Arches with 100 different Disney models, some of the most highly detailed toys in the Happy Meal history, and with 100 to collect in just one month, a great bit of marketing as well.



What memories of Happy Meals do you have? Let us know in the comments.

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