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NASA discover Doctor Who’s crack in the middle of the Milky Way

Posted by on Jun 15, 2010 in Life & Style | 52 comments


Daily Galaxy’s picture of the day reveals the huge MacGuffin in space

For those of you following this year’s season of Doctor Who, this picture of the day makes for some rather disturbing viewing. It appears that the constellation Sagittarius is featuring a huge stellar bit of graffiti.

And it looks rather like the crack in the Universe that’s been following Matt Smith and Karen Gillan around this year’s story.

So what is this crack? it’s “the core of a thick, sooty cloud large enough to swallow dozens of solar systems and may be harboring beastly stars in the process of forming.”

That’s ominous – a star devouring gap in the middle of the night sky… someone better call for The Doctor!

Thanks to the posters on Gallifrey Base.




    the upside is, we get 2 see Rory again! Yay!

  2. for all those people who think we are gonna die they are rong

  3. Silence soon the silence will fall

  4. We might not die… just forget one another out of existence! XD

  5. That’s awesome!

  6. This just means that Doctor Who is in fact real life.


  7. F*ck.

  8. F*ck.

  9. Honestly, wasn’t it enough to keep his hand in that jar at Torchwood? NASA: no poking at the Doctor’s crack!

  10. AAaaaaa! xDDD
    It’s everywhere!!!

  11. Don’t worry! The Doctor will save us… Oh wait…. it’s Matt Smith…. WERE DOOMED!

    (BTW I think Matt Smith is great. ;) )

  12. Wow! Who knew that the BBC had a galactic size marketing budget for ARGs?


  14. LOL, just LOL.

  15. So this is the Dark Rift in the Milky Way that John Major Jenkins and the 2012 crowd are talking about………….Or is it………….Or isn’t it.

  16. this means we’re trapped in a crystal ball?

  17. OMG. That is it. We are dead. Gone. Unless the Doctor can save us ^^ I hope he can!

  18. Uh, pictures if the day aren’t new discoveries. How else do you think tv writers get their ideas? Like the rest of us writers – we mine real stories for all they’re worth.


  20. at least the licence fee is going on something worthwhile

  21. I showed this to my mom and she was like yeah yeah the ones from doctor who are prophets, now go to sleep sweetie it’s late. And I was like what the f*ckk ??
    Any way if i fall mysteriously ill and became delirious it will be David saving me not Matt.

  22. The instant NASA found that crack, silence fell.

  23. oh, cool Rory’s back now. But he’s an auton… erm…


  24. OMG! some scary shizz….but on the upside rory’s back! yaaaaay! but he killed amy :/ how sad. and hes an auton/roman. REALLY CONFUSING!
    26.06.2010 < basecode of the universe AND the finale date! *brain implodes*

  25. oh no where gonna get erased from history the whole earth and universe is gonna be erased noooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    the cracks are real

  26. Now this is what I call viral marketing.

  27. Universe.. That’s just not funny.. not at all…

  28. zomg were dead xD and Screaming girl person the downside is he kills amy =(


  30. Crack is wack!

  31. It is just a marketing tool for doctor who.. The BBC put that crack there on purpose

  32. The graph … it is shaped like a … DOUBLE DIP INFLATION CURVE! Oh, the Horror.

    Y’suppose B.P. has anything to do with all this black muck, eating everything brilliant?

    In a word: RUN!

  33. Right the Crack is a Crack that was created when two corners of Time and Space which shouldnt of been joined joined together. So Yeah We Are Screwed, because im Matt Smith….WEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  34. WOW! But I want DT not MS!!!

  35. I know lukeh, its so sad…
    even if he did kill her, he’s really depressed now and I just want to hug him…

  36. Ok first we get hati with the earthquake, the guatimala with huge sinkhole then the oil spill now this well I welcome it all and say bring it!!

  37. Silence will fall…


  38. I’ve told people for years that Doctor Who is real, did they believe me: NO! Now they’re all gonna die hahahahahaha! XD


  40. They weren’t the first to see his crack great britain was

  41. Now on a serious matter the crack does not mean the end to all human exsistance it is simply just a crack it could mean a hole into another galaxy though and another matter why does this concern doctor who


  43. If only David Tennant were real….. OH! wait he is!

  44. I’ve noticed this discussion died after the episodes aired.

  45. I would’ve worded it in a different way. “Doctor Who’s Crack” seems a bit…er, you get my point.

    But, in the end, the discovery of this actual crack is quite a bit unnerving. o_o;

  46. i love the doctirs tardise because it is bigger on the in side

  47. Boom we are all gone

  48. “Me”, didn’t you read the post?
    In dr who, there’s a mysterius crack that LOOKS LIKE THAT ONE.

  49. Maybe they’ll take advantage of this in Season 6 and locate the Silence’s home planet within that area.

  50. Woohooo one more step away to finding the doctor…… “silence will fall” :D the only difference is that the one in doctor who has white in the middle and this one has black…… run! big bang 2!!! ^^


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