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Ahead of Sunday’s vital match, it’s time to see what support the internet has for this classic fixture.

It’s not all mentions of 1966 and the second world war (but hey, it does happen), but the internet is a wonderful place to find the true spirit of fans and support ahea of the England Germany tie…

1. Germany fans “chant off” against England Fans

Let’s start off with how it always should be – two groups of opposing fans meeting in a street at the World Cup, and deciding to see who has the best songs. No thuggery, no violence, and let’s hope for lots of this on Sunday.


2. The Baseballs Sing “Three Lions”

Singing is a good place to stay – heavily advertised in the UK, “The Baseballs” are a Germany 50s swing band who delight in covering modern songs in the doo-wop Rock n Roll style of the fifties. And they;ve decided to thank their English fans with this rendition of Three Lions.


3. Boris Johnson vs The Germans

Let’s hope nobody shows this to Wayne Rooney and describes it as a tactical expose.


4. Two World Wars and One World Cup

Speaking of fans meeting, the cliched view is always good for a phone company to make an advert! Kudos if they managed to turn this one round since the qualifying round.


5.Wayne Roo-ney

So where’s the English talisman? He’s here… and with apologies to John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Why couldn’t this have been the official single…


And may the best team win – but whoever that is, let’s hope it doesn’t end in penalties.

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