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British tourists on the popular Costa Blanca now have a new excuse for falling over after a night on the Spanish lager.

A new patterned pavement in Alicante is reported to have caused “nausea and confusion”, with boozed-up Brits abroad being the most affected demographic.

The design, set in rows of diamonds at 90 degrees to each other, creates the optical illusion that the pavement is stepped when in fact it is flat.

Metro reports how the design has been confusing British tourists on their way home from the pub, causing some to fall over and others to suffer nausea.

Ex-pat Rich Poolton, 46, said: “After you’ve had a few drinks it definitely affects you.

“It confuses the eyes enough when you’re sober.  When you’ve been out it has, shall we say, a strong effect on your stomach.”

Image via Wikimedia

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