The Bird Box that outwitted the Council and the Speed Cameras | The Daily Dust delivering the best bric a brac, daily news and events with a British flavour

We missed the delightful story last week of Ian Magee, who built a bird house at the bottom of his garden. A bird house that overlooked a busy road in his home of Williton.

A bird box that looked exactly like a Gatso speed camera.

Typically, the council decided that it broke planning regulations, was cluttering up the area, and were probably quietly annoyed they couldn’t collect any revenue from all the traffic slowing down by the camera. Magee would have to take it down – even though the local constabulary say no laws have been broke,

Not so fast, reports Treehugger. Now nesting in the box are some birds, who just happen to be a protected species. Looks like the avian sqautters can stay, the camera’s not going anywhere in the near future.

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