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Here at the Daily Dust the post lunch carbs crash is becoming more and more of an issue so it is with great expectations that we agreed to review Voltz Energy Shots.

The shots are said to deliver instant energy boost all in sugar free guilt with the added benefit of being packed with anti-oxidants.  We all decided to try one and agreed to hand them over to one of our Daily Dust reporters currently training for a marathon.

The shots are striking in colour, a rather vibrant pink that in itself is enough to revive your eyesight just by looking at it – I have to say that this put me off slightly but after reading  the ingredients I was satisfied that no artificial colourants had been used and can only assume that beetroot was more likely to be responsible (no red pee!!)

I took each shot before my runs along with a good sip of water, the taste is very sweet but I was prepared to put up with it should it improve my performance.

Most of my runs take place in the evening,  at times it’s difficult to gather the energy to go for a run so I got used to taking a shot as part of my ritual and I can say that from a psychological point of view it did give me a boost.

It is hard to say whether it really improved my performance physically and I probably should carry on with the test one month in one month out to come to a valid conclusion.

The lads from the Daily Dust were all quite happy with the taste and unlike myself really liked the look of it (boys will be boys!!).  Some of them decided to replace their coffee fix by a shot – sadly, they’ll probably add vodka too!

So after buzzing with the team we agreed to give 7 Dusts out of 10 to the Voltz Energy Shots.

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