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Today in the Daily Dust office we are reviewing KOPI a new coffee concept  just launched in the UK.

You may be already subscribing to a dvd or book club, with KOPI you can now subscribe to coffee.  A new roast is delivered to the door every month.  It  suits serious coffee gourmets and we are very happy to put it to the test for you.


We received the first coffee pack Guatamala Finca Santa Clara Genuine Antigua very promptly.  Neatly packed with a glossy leaflet to explain in details the provenance and farming background of this unique coffee.  The packet comes clearly labelled and is informative with the name, provenance , strength  and date of the beans.

We used our Italian espresso coffee maker and enjoyed a powerful coffee aroma spreading across the office.  The taste was intense without being too heavy, a very distinctive taste that places this coffee above any  fine range available in the main stream shops.



We liked the concept of Kopi, the discovery of new coffees on monthly basis is appealing and would make an ideal and original gourmet present.  We especially liked putting the coffee on the map and would like to see that part developed further with  links to youtube videos of the areas where the coffee originates from.

So it’s with fairness that we will give KOPI a whole 8 Dusts out of 10

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