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The Chariot are brilliant. Absolutely, bloody, insanely brilliant. We found this out last month when they came over to the UK with buddies Norma Jean. But, not only did we get the joy of seeing them play, frontman Josh Scrogin also kindly took time to chat to us. Find out what he had to say after the jump.

Best news you’ve had today?

That there was barbeque in the venue so we could have barbequed food – that’s really good news for a southern boy!

Best thing about touring the UK with Norma Jean?

Obviously we have a history with Norma Jean (Josh was there original signer), and we’re all friends. I’ve known them all since middle school so just being with them is the best. Being in the UK is just a bonus because the UK is always very nice to us and the shows are a blast. The whole scenario in general is just the best!

Best thing about being in The Chariot?

Being able to play our live shows every night, it’s very fun, exciting and fresh. We always switch things up, change things around, add songs, take songs away – we try to feel out every night so it’s not just ‘last night’s show’ or ‘tomorrow night’s show’, and that’s a blast. It’s also very therapeutic in a lot of ways, I feel like being able to do that every night helps me stay on the straight and narrow. Live shows are such a pleasant thing to be able to be part of every single night.

Best song your band has ever written?

I have a favourite, but I don’t know if it’s the best. My favourite song is probably ‘Then They Came to Kill’ on the Fiancée release and it featured Hayley Williams from Paramore – that was a bonus. It’s just a really fun song, it has a lot of parts and a lot of different things. However, live my favourite one to play is ‘The City’, which is the song where we really try and remove the barrier between us on stage and everyone watching. That song has a part in the end that pretty much demands crowd participation.

Best line/lyric you’ve ever written?

The one that means a lot to me is “calm rose”, which our guitarist just got tattooed on his knuckles. The line is “calm rose, heavy winds” but the imagery is of a crazy storm of life all around you and one single, solitary calm rose. It’s about taking baby steps to get out of whatever storm you’re in.

Best thing about your fellow band members?

Definitely that we’re all friends and that every night is different. When it all works it can be a very magical thing, but when it doesn’t it can be a real train wreck. When it is a wreck, the best part of being with these dudes is that you can just go with it.

Best show The Chariot has ever played?

That’s a tough one – we have a top three craziest shows, which, in our book are probably the best. We had one in Moscow and at the time it was by far the nuttiest we’ve ever played – the crowd participation was just immense. We also played Essen in Germany and somewhere in Italy, and those three are definitely the best of our career so far; they were awesome.

Best band The Chariot has ever toured with?

I’m a big fan of Converge – they keep putting out records that are phenomenal – and we did the Sounds of the Underground touring festival with them. They’re such a good band so I’ll give it to them!

Best show you’ve ever seen as a fan?

I saw Arcade Fire and, while I don’t know if it was the best I’ve seen of all time, it really opened my eyes because they’re such a huge band and I hadn’t seen a good arena rock show in ages. Man, it was a really powerful show and it opened my eyes to know that you can be an arena rock band and still have that passion and feel like you’re enjoying yourself. That was something I felt was missing from some of the other arena shows I used to see back in the day. I didn’t expect to be so blown away by how good it was.

Best band ever?

The Beatles – that’s easy.

Best album ever?

I probably have a top five. One of my favourites that I listen to so much and really rocked my world at the right time would be the Geisha record by the Smashing Pumpkins.

Best song ever?

‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ by Simon and Garfunkel, but I really like the Elvis version a lot. It’s just a quality, quality song.

Best movie ever?

That depends on my mood. I really enjoyed Moulin Rouge because there’s so many songs and so much going on. I also like documentaries and there’s one called Man on Wire that, as an artist, opened my eyes. It’s tough to call out one though, because sometimes I just want to watch Dumb and Dumber!

Best ice cream flavour?

I don’t like ice cream, so no ice cream would be the best!

Best pizza topping?


Best day of your life?

Well I’m married so I should probably say my wedding day! It was a very great day.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

My dad always used to say, “if you’re going to do something, do it all the way.” That dealt with a lot of character and how people see you. My dad drilled that into my head my whole life, whether it was cleaning my room, starting a band, whatever. It’s a blessing and a curse – a blessing ultimately, but sometimes, before starting a project I realise I can’t corners or anything like that.

The Chariot, photographed for the Daily Dust by Dave Musson Photography

Make sure you check out our live coverage of their tour with Norma Jean. Also, The Chariot is playing this year’s Hevy Fest – this is a good thing!

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