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Sculpture flips off Milan’s high and mighty

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Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan’s has captured public feeling across Europe with a 30 foot middle finger extended towards bankers.

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Limbless amputee swims English Channel

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42 year old Philippe Croizon left Folkestone in Kent at 6:45am on Saturday, hoping to reach France within 24 hours – he arrived at Griz de Nez in France at 8:13pm after swimming 21 miles through the English Channel.

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Historic Files Show Churchill UFO Cover-Up

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Newly released Ministry of Defense files have shed light on Churchill’s concerns over extraterrestrials.

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Cornish Wallaby Colony Thriving

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Though native to the sun-blasted Australian outback, a family of wallabies seem to be doing well in Cornwall.

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MBE Milkman Dresses as Cow

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Milkman Tony Fowler received an MBE from the Queen somberly dressed as a Friesian cow.

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