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I sense an impending call from The Force

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It must be a tough year for the Empire as "Darth Vader" jailed for robbery.

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Where are all the characters in Jane Austin’s novels?

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What happens when you take the works of Jane Austin, and start analysing the text for the characters showing up?

That’s what Matthew Hurst has done, taking some of Austin’s greatest novels and analysing where the paragraphs occur with the major characters mentioned. It’s a wonderful way to see the arcs of someone like Wiloughby in Sense and Sensibility.

Now, which books should be attacked next? May we here at T’Dust suggest the Harry Potter series?

More Austin at Data Mining.

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Only three months left to paint the Forth Bridge

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The never-ending painting job is about to end.

Thanks to a new formula of paint, the age old myth of the never ending painters working on the Forth Bridge is going to end in December, announce Network Rail.

Keeping the metal bridge shielded from the elements has traditionally meant constantly reapplying the paintwork, but a new three layer coating means that the workers can take a break in December and enjoy Christmas at home. With the new pain coating started ten years ago likely to be good for 25 years, it’s the first break of more than a few months since the bridge was opened in 1890.

Put your feet up lads, you’ve earned it. Either that or nip round to my stairs if you need a new job.

Picture by Nick Hubbard, Flickr.

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Europe by night

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Still loving every single picture coming down from the International Space Station, but this one of Europe is worth pointing out to everyone else.

Isn’t it gorgeous? More from NASA’s Earth Observatory, including a higher resolution version.

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Let us keep time for you

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Congratulations to the the team at the National Physical Laboratory – the United Kingdom officially has the most accurate clock… in the world!

If you were to leave the clock running for 138 million years, it would be out by just one single second. Running a caesium fountain to keep track of the time. With some nifty physics tracking the number of electromagnetic flips the caesium atoms make (which is an exact 9,192,631,770 times in a single perfect second).

With five our clocks in the world, and teams of physicists looking to get even more accuracy, we might not hold the record for long, but it’s a proud day for the NPL team.

More at NPL.

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The Bird Box that outwitted the Council and the Speed Cameras

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We missed the delightful story last week of Ian Magee, who built a bird house at the bottom of his garden. A bird house that overlooked a busy road in his home of Williton.

A bird box that looked exactly like a Gatso speed camera.

Typically, the council decided that it broke planning regulations, was cluttering up the area, and were probably quietly annoyed they couldn’t collect any revenue from all the traffic slowing down by the camera. Magee would have to take it down – even though the local constabulary say no laws have been broke,

Not so fast, reports Treehugger. Now nesting in the box are some birds, who just happen to be a protected species. Looks like the avian sqautters can stay, the camera’s not going anywhere in the near future.

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