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I sense an impending call from The Force

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It must be a tough year for the Empire as "Darth Vader" jailed for robbery.

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Only three months left to paint the Forth Bridge

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The never-ending painting job is about to end.

Thanks to a new formula of paint, the age old myth of the never ending painters working on the Forth Bridge is going to end in December, announce Network Rail.

Keeping the metal bridge shielded from the elements has traditionally meant constantly reapplying the paintwork, but a new three layer coating means that the workers can take a break in December and enjoy Christmas at home. With the new pain coating started ten years ago likely to be good for 25 years, it’s the first break of more than a few months since the bridge was opened in 1890.

Put your feet up lads, you’ve earned it. Either that or nip round to my stairs if you need a new job.

Picture by Nick Hubbard, Flickr.

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The Return of the Nor Loch to Edinburgh

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A week of rain in three hours reshapes the Capital’s landscape.

Lots of pictures of the effect of the heavy rain in Scotland over the weekend (well, what did you expect, T in the Park was on!) but the one that really made us stop and go "ooh" was the one above, by David Lesault.

Princes Stret Gardens, at the foot of Edinburgh Castle, used to be a loch – the Nor Loch. And now it’s back, albeit temporary and a little shallower, but it’s there.

David’s picture is on Twitpic.

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And our welcome is warm…

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Why not Visit Scotland? Because behind the soundtrack of the cosy adverts lies a much darker truth.

I’m not sure who this would appeal to, but I bet Edward Woodward would! (Sorry, old joke).

Hat tip to B3ta.

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Twenty comics to catch at the Edinburgh Fringe

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Edinburgh institution Kate Copstick, like many of us, has sat down with the Fringe program and picked out her favourites – although a nod from Copstick in The Scotsman is more likely to appear on the flyers of the twenty chosen acts than "Ewan says we’re quite nice."

Unless you follow the comedy circuit, a lot of these names are going to be new to you, but I can’t see a duff name in this twenty. I can see some comics that aren’t my cup of tea, but I’ve been known to drink tea with milk without complaining in the past. What I did enjoy about this list was the number of names that were featured in the Edinburgh Fringe Podcast many years ago, and continue to pop up like old friends that only see each other once a year. Acts like Axis of Awesome, Sam Simmons and Andrew Lawrence.

If you need a starting point for the thousand or so comedy acts, Kate’s list is as good a place as any.

More Fringe fun at the Edinburgh Fringe Podcast, follow the podcast in iTunes or via the dedicated RSS feed.

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Royal Wedding? Let’s have a subtle street party rebellion

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Scottish project to turn Edinburgh’s Royal Mile into the Republican Mile for that wedding.

Not everyone is eager and excited for “Kate and Will’s Big Day”, and someone has the smart idea of subverting the Street Party meme to make a point:

In light of David Cameron’s reassurances that people will be allowed to freely mark this “special day”, without regard for “red tape”, we want to embrace such reassurances to express our contempt for the archaic and inherently undemocratic institution of the monarchy.

On this day, we hope to see the Royal Mile transformed into the “Republican Mile”, in a celebration of democracy and people power, and a two-fingered salute to the monarchy, the ruling classes, and all that they represent.

Almost 300 guests have said they’re going to turn up.

Care to join them? Sign up on Facebook.

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