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The Burning of the Daleks

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It’s a Dalek. In the desert. At Burning Man… alons-y!

Quite simply, this rules. I bet they wanted to start the fire as well.

Congrats to Mark Day.

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Don’t Stop Google Now on Freddie’s birthday

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What would have been the 65th birthday of Freddie Mercury gets the ultimate birthday card. A Google Doodle.

Yes it’s going to be all over the internet soon, but there’s nothing wrong with keeping Queen alive.

Doodler Jennifer Hom was the brains behind the elaborate doodle, which was a team effort. She and other illustrators spent about three months putting the whole thing together. They even studied a bunch of old Queen albums and videos to pick out visual cues… "Considering how colourful Freddie’s career was, we wanted to create a doodle that was just as colourful," said Hom, who tried to squeeze in as many humorous and respectful references that she could.

More on the Doodle at NBC Bay Area.

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Enter the performing seal of the Sandman

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Bill Bailey takes the art of the cover to a higher plane of existence.

Quite simply, the horniest performance possible.

Hat tip to Scott Beale.

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That would be Sock Puppet Rory, just out of shot

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Doctor Who’s Season six, in ten minutes, by the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre.

And if you liked that, see if you can find their Torchwool, Primarkeval, and a dozen other Doctor Who themed videos somewhere out there on YouTube. The Socks also appear as DVD Easter Eggs on the classic Doctor Who videos The Dominators, The Horns Of Nimon and The War Games.

Congrats, as always, to KevF.

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The myth and legend that is Rory Williams

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Yes, Chuck Norris might complain that this is his meme, but he’d have to complain to Rory.

This is Rory Williams

Hat top to everyone who suggested this one!

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Twenty comics to catch at the Edinburgh Fringe

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Edinburgh institution Kate Copstick, like many of us, has sat down with the Fringe program and picked out her favourites – although a nod from Copstick in The Scotsman is more likely to appear on the flyers of the twenty chosen acts than "Ewan says we’re quite nice."

Unless you follow the comedy circuit, a lot of these names are going to be new to you, but I can’t see a duff name in this twenty. I can see some comics that aren’t my cup of tea, but I’ve been known to drink tea with milk without complaining in the past. What I did enjoy about this list was the number of names that were featured in the Edinburgh Fringe Podcast many years ago, and continue to pop up like old friends that only see each other once a year. Acts like Axis of Awesome, Sam Simmons and Andrew Lawrence.

If you need a starting point for the thousand or so comedy acts, Kate’s list is as good a place as any.

More Fringe fun at the Edinburgh Fringe Podcast, follow the podcast in iTunes or via the dedicated RSS feed.

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