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Whoops! Pippa Middleton Underwear Pictures Emerge..

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After a breath taking performance at the Royal Wedding last week, Pippa Middleton has appeared on a US website dancing wearing just a bra with a nearly naked guy.

These kind of pictures are going to keep emerging now she has global fame.  Whatever would the Brother-in-law’s Nan think..?

You can see the pictures on the site here.

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Kate Middleton for the win?

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Our “Princess of Hearts: The Next Generation” might have an evil streak in her.

Having lots of fun browsing through Kate Middleton For The Win this morning, as the meme-cats get to work on the Royal Bride of the Year.

Because Kate (sorry Princess Catherine) isn’t the commoner we thought she was…

More at Kate FTW, hat tip to Chixor.

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SFTW – A Handful Of Models And A DailyDust Message From Kelly Brook..

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Not a lot is needed to be written about this. A few weeks ago..we were lucky to have been invited to the following video shoot, yes it is a rough life..

Below are the behind the scenes footage which form the launch of new Lynx Excite – Lynx has created new digital game to go with it which is launching soon..but let’s cut to the chase…

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The Beatles win the Superbowl

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And they did all their music with just seven notes (because music hadn’t been expanded to V yet).

Imagine a game of Chinese Whispers, played out over 1000 years. What would you be able to work out of the popular music of the 21st Century?

What would a documentary of the Fab Four be like from the year 3126? Would they know how powerful John, Paul, Greg and Scot were? let’s find out.

Class. hat tip to Jason K.

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Knit the perfect Royal Wedding

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Make it a woolly promise with Kate and Will knitting patterns.

Congratulations to Galt Toys for what’s going to be the best Royal Wedding tie in possible. Their free download of a knitting pattern to make your very own Kate Middleton and William Windsor is just the thing for the half-term break and charity stalls all over the country come April.

Grab your free pattern from James Galt here.

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My name? Oh yes, it’s Day V Lately.

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Yell fishes in the past to make new ad campaign fly.

Not sure we can get any more puns in the tag line, but Yell (the company formerly known as Yellow Pages) are reminding everyone that they are still out there, and after the death of Norman Lumsden, they needed someone new.


Not sure what I think about this one, there’s a lot better in the world of spoofs, and they’ve not nailed the classic final like and exhilaration, but let us know what you think.

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