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Once upon a time, Top Gear was a bit slower

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Still had The Allman Brothers playing Jessica though.

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Great versions of theme tunes in the wrong place

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Number four, the Thunderbirds theme tune as played by the Royal Marines Band.

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Oh Louise, I’ve got the giggles

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A live newspaper review, a bit of schoolboy humour, and the giggles attack Sky News.

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Who’s paying the bills anyway?

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How about every "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" on demand to start your week?

No we’ve no idea how legal this is, but it’s Monday morning so we’re not going to complain until we get a few laughs and some coffee in us. Can I recommend you start with this UK Season 5 episode with the classic line up of Greg Proops, Ryan Stiles, Mike McShane and Josie Lawrence?

But be quick, the lawyers doing their best impression of Clive Anderson will likely swoop in shortly, although Tony Slattery will have no idea why they are at his party.

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Don’t Stop Google Now on Freddie’s birthday

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What would have been the 65th birthday of Freddie Mercury gets the ultimate birthday card. A Google Doodle.

Yes it’s going to be all over the internet soon, but there’s nothing wrong with keeping Queen alive.

Doodler Jennifer Hom was the brains behind the elaborate doodle, which was a team effort. She and other illustrators spent about three months putting the whole thing together. They even studied a bunch of old Queen albums and videos to pick out visual cues… "Considering how colourful Freddie’s career was, we wanted to create a doodle that was just as colourful," said Hom, who tried to squeeze in as many humorous and respectful references that she could.

More on the Doodle at NBC Bay Area.

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Some Friday fun with The Beatles and The Muppets

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You want happy "here’s the weekend" music? How about a collection of Beatles songs the Muppets covered.

All my favourites are in there, including Floyd’s cover of George Harrison, She Loves You and  the infamous Letter B song. Had over to Top Hat Sasquatch for the old classics, right after the newest version of the theme song.

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