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The classical version of Angry Birds

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The London Philharmonic Orchestra play the theme from the popular bird throwing game.

Orchestral Angry Birds (mp3)

We agree with Jon, it is lovely. And here’s Adele’s version as an encore.

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It’s a camera! On a hula-hoop! (Try not to throw up)

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Definitely safe for work, but full screen this and keep the bucket ready. This is what life looks like from the rim of a hula hoop.

The Go Pro camera is being used by lots of You-Tubers getting the weirdest video possible, but we here at The Dust enjoy this one the most. It’s shot from the edge of a hula-hoop while it’s spinning.


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Man catches chickens

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Never say we don’t bring you the happiest news in the UK. Who needs phone hacking scandal when you have a man with four escaped chickens?

As "Friend of the Dust" Sean Murricane asks on his blog:

Ever watched an out-of-shape Scotsman in his 30s lollop around a garden trying to catch four loose chickens?

Love it – this is what puts a smile on the face of the UK!

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Enter the performing seal of the Sandman

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Bill Bailey takes the art of the cover to a higher plane of existence.

Quite simply, the horniest performance possible.

Hat tip to Scott Beale.

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That would be Sock Puppet Rory, just out of shot

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Doctor Who’s Season six, in ten minutes, by the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre.

And if you liked that, see if you can find their Torchwool, Primarkeval, and a dozen other Doctor Who themed videos somewhere out there on YouTube. The Socks also appear as DVD Easter Eggs on the classic Doctor Who videos The Dominators, The Horns Of Nimon and The War Games.

Congrats, as always, to KevF.

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And our welcome is warm…

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Why not Visit Scotland? Because behind the soundtrack of the cosy adverts lies a much darker truth.

I’m not sure who this would appeal to, but I bet Edward Woodward would! (Sorry, old joke).

Hat tip to B3ta.

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