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How to make metheglin – it pre-dates wine

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Never heard of it? No neither had we..

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The month of Capriporn (and eleven others)

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What if scientists had their own zodiac star signs, even if they didn’t believe that stars can predict Hurricane Irene or the impact of Pippa Middleton?

Dean Burnett decided to set up the stereotypes and dates. I’d end up being Saggywearyus:

Despite your best efforts, you will inevitably end up as the type of scientist that is often regarded as ‘ridiculous stereotype’. If you are male, you’ll start to develop unruly white hair, a ridiculous moustache at some time around your 21st Birthday, and it will get worse from there.

Which is worryingly accurate. What about you?

More at Science Digestive, hat tip to @Giagia

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GET10 and help Anthony Nolan

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Charity looking to get 10,000 men on the bone marrow register, can you help?

While men aged 18-30 might be the biggest financial donors to the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust, they’re the lowest represented group in the donor register – and the charity is hoping to change that this summer.

With GET10, they’re aiming to get 10,000 new people onto the register, and all it takes is signing a form and providing a small blood sample. If you’re up for it (and we here at The Daily Dust have been on the register for years) then get ten of your friends to join in and potentially save a life in the future.

Join in at

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Worried about a zombie attack? Get a zombie knife!

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Don’t be as unprepared as Leicester City Council, get yourself the Ka-Bar Zombie Killer Knive!

In an ever-changing world, the need for preparedness has never been greater. Without notice the game can change and the rules no longer apply. Questioning your gear at a crucial moment is not an option. Whether setting up camp or securing your perimeter, ZK knives are designed to perform under the most rigorous, unexpected and apocalyptic situations. Are you prepared?

Hat tip to Uncrate, more at Ka-Bar.

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Real ale is having a revival

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Powered by article titled “Real ale is having a revival” was written by Dave Simpson, for The Guardian on Sunday 22nd May 2011 19.00 UTC

This time last year, the UK was in the midst of election fever, and my sleepy north Yorkshire village of Tockwith was hosting a beer festival. The organisers mocked up some publicity photos of themselves as politicians in a polling station. “We campaigned under the banner Vote for Real Ale,” chuckles organiser Adrian Ray.

The people voted with their feet – 36 gallons of beer had run out by 10pm, with the last to sell out a really strong one. “So anyone left at the end got rather sozzled.”

This year’s follow-up event at the weekend expanded to a field, with six marquees, live bands – and much more beer.

Tockwith is typical of an explosion in beer festivals around the UK. Once, they were fairly rare, large-scale events populated by serious older drinkers. Now countless towns and villages have one, reflecting a boom in small-scale brewing and real-ale drinking. August’s annual Great British Beer Festival at Earls Court is the biggie (in 2010, a record 67,000 drinkers sank 200,000 pints), but festivals are held everywhere from Battersea to the Scottish fishing town of Stonehaven.

“People are bored of drinking heavily advertised, mass-produced brands,” explains Jon Howard of the Campaign for Real Ale, which organises 150 festivals a year.

“There’s a fashion aspect to it,” admits Craig Lee of Rudgate Brewery, whose Ruby Mild was Camra’s Champion Beer of 2009. “Real ale is becoming trendy.”

Younger ale drinkers favour beers with funny names, and with most pubs tied to major brewers, a beer festival is the best place to sup a Brewers Droop or Ginger Tosser. © Guardian News & Media Limited 2010

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Boozy Brits fall over due to crazy Spanish paving

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British tourists on the popular Costa Blanca now have a new excuse for falling over after a night on the Spanish lager.

A new patterned pavement in Alicante is reported to have caused “nausea and confusion”, with boozed-up Brits abroad being the most affected demographic.

The design, set in rows of diamonds at 90 degrees to each other, creates the optical illusion that the pavement is stepped when in fact it is flat.

Metro reports how the design has been confusing British tourists on their way home from the pub, causing some to fall over and others to suffer nausea.

Ex-pat Rich Poolton, 46, said: “After you’ve had a few drinks it definitely affects you.

“It confuses the eyes enough when you’re sober.  When you’ve been out it has, shall we say, a strong effect on your stomach.”

Image via Wikimedia

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