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Glass and a half down to a quarter at Cadburys

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Two squares of chocolate lost as Kraft fight to keep chocolate bar prices steady.

With the rising price of cocoa around the world (which is enough for the Daily Mail to suggest a worldwide chocolate drought in 2014… no link for obvious reasons) manufacturers have to put up prices to cover cost.

The traditional way would be to nudge the price up, but there is another option. Make the chocolate bars smaller. Which is the choice they’ve made.

It’s a little bit more sneaky, but it means no relabeling the price in a supermarket aisle, no sticker shock from customers, and smaller portions are always a good thing, says my Doctor.

Or they’re hoping the smaller size means you buy two for a win-win all round.

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How to have a little bit more lunch with DIY time travel

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The “Lunchtime Clock” hands you 12 more minutes in the middle of the day.

Randy Sarafan just handed you the guide on getting an extra hour of lunch each week. And all you need to do is slow down time.

Not everywhere, just on the wall clock by your boss. As 11am happens, the clock speeds up. So when it says 12, it’s actually 1148. Slowing down over the next hour, as 1pm arrives the clock is back at 1pm, and runs smoothly till the top of the clock again.

Just as long as your boss doesn’t have a wristwatch (how quaint) you’ve got an extra hour a week!

More at Instructables, hat tip to Scott Beale.

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Secret murder formula for UK press revealed

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Spoof site hits the nail on the head with “how to write about a murder story”

With all the fuss in the press over the murder of Joanna Yates here in the UK, the tabloids are like tiny piranhas in a sea full of rotting donkey flesh, suffixing everything with allegedly.

But how do they all know which case to attack? Well News Thump has the secret document that reveals the formula that editors use to determine how big a news story is. The formula? That would be:

{ (AG x AT) * R  +  (OC x S x ET) * C  } /100

More at News Thump, including the full breakdown on how it works.

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What you really need for 2011 is your own tower

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Converted Martello Tower reveals palatial home in historic building

Originally built to keep out the French naval forces, these Napoleonic Tower formed a 103 long defensive chain against seaborne invasion. And while the remit of a 30 foot high tower and cannons that can reach out over a mile to ships on the attack isn’t high up on the list of essential features, you can now move into one and live the life of a Bond villain.

Putting up the renovated tower is Duncan Jackson, and he knew it was a challenge to get where it is now:

There are people who say the towers shouldn’t become homes because this takes away from their historic role. But if they aren’t going to be lived in, what’s to happen to them? Those that hadn’t been blasted away during target practice by the military have often been left to rot, and then demolished."

More at The Guardian.

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The Santa that goes an extra mile deserves a reward

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…and all you need to do is let Jura know who it is.

With the cold weather suddenly making neighbours talk to each other (if only to share snow clearing duties in a blizzard on a shared path) it;s time to reward those people who’ve been doing good.

All you need to do, in the time homoured way, is write a letter about your Santa to the real Santa, and send it though the Jura distillery’s website.

Winning Santa’s will get a trip to the Isle of Jura (you know, where they make the whisky) along with their Mrs Claus and a nice little bit of expenses to cover what needs to be done. No sleigh required.

More details at Jura.

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Words that need to come back to English

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What if there was already a word for how you are feeling that the world has forgotten?

There’s always a lot of noise when a new word is added to a dictionary, but what of words that are there, but no longer used? Well Heather Carreiro has put together 20 words she thinks need to come back into popular use.

My personal favourite has to be  illecebrous:

Adj. – “Alluring, enticing, attractive” – Alright, so at first this word kind of sounds a way to describe something diseased, but if you put the stress on the second syllable for emphasis, it does sound like a compliment: “That girl was so illecebrous; I’ve got to figure out how to see her again.”

Although I think Twitter-light might have a brand new meaning if it popped up now!

Hat tip to Neatorama, more at Matador Abroad!

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