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Dust Review: Men Barts Ski Gloves

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This week we have been asked to review something from Chelston

With a wide range of Outdoor and  Ski Wear – we selected to try out a pair of Barts Ski Gloves as one of our writers has Raynaud syndrome – basically, their fingers go white the minute they get cold and the said writer will simply just moan about “cold hands”…all the time.

Dryshell waterproof breathable Barts Ski gloves

-Shell: Water Resistant
-Palm: Pigskin
-Lining: Soft Bemberg
-Insulation: Fiberfill
-Insert: Dryshell

The gloves are really comfortable and grasping is easy thanks to the Pigskin finger tips and palm, the heat circulates without overheating and our resident cold fingered writer had  absolutely zero problems to report.

Men Barts Ski Gloves Tight Fastening

The only downside was the fact the gloves didn’t allow us to open our Iphone by using the tactile screen slider, and that is the only reason the Barts Ski Gloves got an 8 Dusts out of 10

You can engage with Chelston Direct and find out more about their range on both twitter and facebook

Disclosure – we were not paid to write this review

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Dust Review: Philips & O’Neill – The Stretch Headphones

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From time to time, reviewing products on the DailyDust is more than a pleasure.  We have been lucky enough to get our hands on a new set of headphones called “The Stretch” – a marriage between the cool brand O’Neill (think surf dudes) and the masters of headphones, Philips.


The new headsets are made from TR55LX, a durable temperature resistant material 6 times stronger than Poly Carbonate.  These headphones are made for action, using the same material that is used in O’Neill’s wetsuits, the headband is really comfortable and stretches easily.  The cable is tough, it looks like a shoelace and is said to be tangle-free.  During our usage, it never became tangled – this made the headset ideal for running.


Now to the sound.  Awesome.  With the volume of our iPod at only half level – we could not hear the screaming children in our local park.  The quality of the sound was clear and fresh, with just the correct level of bass.  One small complaint is that on full volume, people within a few feet can hear the music blasting out.

These are perfect for listening to music and podcasts on flights, we listened to the excellent “This week in Tech” and for the first time, could hear every word at a mile high.

Overall, these are a fantastic set of headphones, they look rugged, fit amazingly well, sound great and with the collaboration with O’Neill, Philips just got much cooler.

Overall we give “The Stretch” an uber 9.5 Dusts out of 10.philips1

Find out more on the Philips website.

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Review: Filofax Beauty Gift Pack

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The UK Filofax team have let The Daily Dust have a look at their Filofax Beauty Gift Pack.

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