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Bird Song Alarm Clock Wakes iPhone Users Naturally

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A US company has launched the Bird Song Alarm Clock, bringing a gorgeous collection of colorful high-fidelity bird songs to users’ pockets.

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Got The Back To Work Blues? Grab A New App

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Here we have a nice list of new Apps ready to take away the back to work blues..

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Rolling Stone Magazine Launches Beatles iPad App

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Now complementing The Beatles’ music library in iTunes is a new tablet-friendly guide to the Fab Four’s music catalog.

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Only Apple can save Europe now

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If the continent needs a do-over for money, lets ask Steve Jobs nicely.

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How to tweet the same old rubbish every day

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Looking for inspiration on Twitter? Why not let your old tweets write the new ones.

It’s an interesting idea, have a computer program look at your old tweets and do some magical foo to create a new tweet that’s just like your old ones… but different!

Let’s see what it makes of The Daily Dust on Twitter:

Proof that flew past you: Pigeon: Impossible beats out what you let your toys?

A new ad campaign fly…. The Robots are destroying?

Christmas Dinner Causes Dandruff & Airwaves: Angels & Five Other Daily Mail Festive headlines.

Yep, that seems to work for us, try yourself with your own account at

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Bloodhound roars into 2011 in good health

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The 1000mph British car is in good health, says Richard Noble.

In all the problems of the world, the financial difficulties, it’s great to see that not only is there space for a mad project or two – like the Bloodhound SSC – but to see it being supported both by the public and institutions.

The quest to get a car up to 1000 miles per hour is just soooo British it hurts, and former land speed record holder Richard Noble is one of the names behind this one, and hi end of year diary is full of promise.

Of course it’s been a very tough fight to get this far – there seems to be an expectancy that because Bloodhound doesn’t seem to fit the mould of any normal business, it will soon crash and burn in the difficult financial climate. But it doesn’t – it doesn’t because it is fulfilling a very vital role in all important education and the project is trying to project British engineering at its very best.  One of our Ambassadors made the point – there are very few school engineering projects which excite both the teachers and their classes!

That’s what we need more of on this island – ideas, big ideas, that deliver for everyone.

More at Bloodhound SSC.

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