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How to tweet the same old rubbish every day

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Looking for inspiration on Twitter? Why not let your old tweets write the new ones.

It’s an interesting idea, have a computer program look at your old tweets and do some magical foo to create a new tweet that’s just like your old ones… but different!

Let’s see what it makes of The Daily Dust on Twitter:

Proof that flew past you: Pigeon: Impossible beats out what you let your toys?

A new ad campaign fly…. The Robots are destroying?

Christmas Dinner Causes Dandruff & Airwaves: Angels & Five Other Daily Mail Festive headlines.

Yep, that seems to work for us, try yourself with your own account at

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Ireland, why not let Twitter solve your budget problems?

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Is crowd-sourcing the way out of “a bit of a pickle” the answer?

Here’s one for Ireland to consider as they face one of the biggest overdrafts they’ve ever seen. Use Twitter.

After all, when The New York Times decided to try and balance the US budget, they put together a quick bit of web code to build some sliders and numerical representations of the US tax and economy, then challenged people to find the best ‘solution’ to the ‘puzzle’ of the US debt mountain.

The results make for interesting reading, including a clear split into two camps of going for spending cuts or tax increases – both balanced the budget but naturally with a different social effect that isn’t as easy to measure.

More at the New York Times.

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The House of Lords does not have dementia

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That’s the conclusion of Tom Scott, as he analyses the speeches of the Lords in the upper house.

starting from the point of wondering if (a) due to the age of the “peers for life” any of them have lost their mental faculties and (b) if so could you extrapolate it from the speeches made in the House?

To Hansard (which of course is official record) and a swift download of 700mb of text of the speeches since 1999. Would an analysis of unique words, indefinite nouns and the overall wordcount show any indications?

The results ate over on Tom’s blog, but he sums it up nicely.

The heartening but slightly anticlimactic result: no, they’re not losing it as far as I can tell. There are occasional outliers, but you’d expect that with a sample size like this. For example, the Earl of Erroll and Lord Addington both use a high number of indefinite nouns — but they do that consistently; it’s not a steady decline over years.

There you go, we can all sleep easy.

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Halloween goes mecha with the exo-skeleton

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Who needs zombies and witches when you can hit them with a gattling gun?

Congratulations must go to “This_comment_has” on the Reddit community for the Halloween Costume that I want to make for next year.

A mix of aluminium, rivets, spray paint, bolts and  a truck to move the costume to the party has resulted in “the most extravagant costume of the year” in his words.

I like!

Hat tip to Boing Boing.

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How to Rick Roll your Tutor in five hours

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Hats off to Mayniac182 on Reddit for submitting the lyrics to Never Gonna Give You Up in his college paper.

Now it was a little bit more than a cut and paste, with some creative formatting, he managed to have the lyrics appear as the first word on every line of the page.

That takes dedication.

Yes the language had to be a touch stilted to make it work, but this goes down as a win for creativity. Or sadness. You decide.

Hat tip to Jack Scoresby.

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Show me the colour of your website

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Where does the #880000 of The Daily Dust sit in the Web 2.0 Palette?

What happens when you take the logos of the Top 100 websites and analyse the colours used? Is there a key to success in the shades used by the artwork team? That’s what Colour Lovers set out to discover.

Blue and red.

That’s the main colour of the web. There’s a reason that Facebook went with blue ("I’m colour blind, it’s the only colour I can see.” says owner Mark Zuckerberg), but as for the others it turns out that because the big boys are blue and red, all the copycats tend too pick up the same colour.

Does that explain Yahoo’s mixing of blue and red to get purple?

The question is whether blue and red will dominate the trends of the next few years, or if an upstart website will capture the spirit of others and inspire a green revolution?

More at Colour Lovers.

PS as for us? We wanted to be like the Red Top tabloids…

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